My name is Arvid. That’s a Swedish name. I can be reached at my name at this domain. I go by 414448 on BoardGameGeek. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, review requests or feedback.

I’m a librarian, among other things, and a gamer since I discovered Magic: The Gathering in 1995. Around the same time I discovered pen-and-paper role-playing. Except for a halfhearted attempt at getting into Warhammer and playing the occasional computer game, I was content with Magic and role-playing for almost twenty years.

Then it became harder to keep regular role-playing sessions. Our group spread out geographically. We used to play very involved, long and almost free-form campaigns of Vampire: The Masquerade and Kult. That takes a lot of time and dedication. It petered out. We grew up, I guess.

About six years ago a good friend who used to be into Warhammer and Necromunda when we were teenagers introduced me to Euro games. I was hooked. Nowadays my gaming is not as eurocentric, however. As an old Magic player I need a regular fix of conflict and player interaction, and the role-player in me wants some story and atmosphere.

I play board games with friends once or twice a week but that’s not quite enough for me. The solution: solo gaming – a decent alternative to social gaming, and a great alternative to reading or watching television. This website is an attempt at systematically exploring the world of solo games while slowly creating a resource for that part of the board and card gaming hobby.

When I’m not gaming, writing about gaming, working or sleeping, I make unapproachable music.


Juni and Mysan are tabby cats. Juni is the mom, Mysan is her daughter. Juni is the grey one, Mysan is the red one. They live with me. They are wonderful. If you want to get in touch with them you’d better write to me – they’re awful with computers and they never answer the phone.