Information for Publishers and Curious Readers

I only review finished products.

I do not charge for reviews, nor do I accept compensation for reviews.

I gladly accept review copies, however, but if I don’t believe that the game is for me I will decline. If I believe that I would enjoy a game I sometimes ask the publisher for a review copy.

If I suspect that I will not like a game I see no point in investing time and effort into reviewing it. I want my experience to be real; just like a non-reviewing gamer I seek out and play games that I take an interest in, because these are games that I can approach with insight and sincerity. Then I share my experience, whether it was positive or not.

I only accept review copies of cooperative games or games with solitaire rules.

Whenever I review a game that I’ve received as a review copy, I clearly state that in the review.

I prioritize reviewing games I’ve received from publishers above games I’ve purchased myself. If you feel that my review of your game is long overdue, keep in mind that this is something that I do in my spare time, and that getting to know a game sometimes takes a while.

My reviews are living documents and I sometimes edit or update them after they’ve been published. This is done with the intention of keeping them as informative as possible, to make sure that any mistakes are corrected and sometimes to reflect how my opinion has changed or if I’ve learned something new after playing the game more.

Before I write a review I usually play the game ten times or more or for about five to twenty hours depending on what kind of game it is. There are exceptions of course.

You can reach me at Arvid at this domain.