Games That Had to Go
Sometimes a positive review doesn’t mean the game is a keeper.

Gloss of Kilforth – Not a Review
Never before has the illustrations completely dissipated my interest in a game, and the funny thing is that wherever I look I see nothing but praise for the depictions of the vapid Poseurs of Kilforth – even people who dislike the game rave about the artwork.

On Top Lists (With Top 10 Solo Games 2019)
The ease with which some people make top lists baffles me. How can you rank a hundred of something? How do you weigh new, fresh experiences against something you haven’t experienced in months or sometimes even years? Yet somehow I managed to list my top 10 solo games.

Three Over the Top
Athena, JW and I talk about the top 10 games from the 2019 People’s Choice Top 200 Solo Games.