On Top Lists (With Top 10 Solo Games 2019)
The ease with which some people make top lists baffles me. How can you rank a hundred of something? How do you weigh new, fresh experiences against something you haven’t experienced in months or sometimes even years? Yet somehow I managed to list my top 10 solo games.

Three Out of Print Games That I Can’t Stop Playing
Arkham Horror, Chainsaw Warrior and Runebound have some things in common. They are out of print. They are ripe with randomness. They are clonky and prone to house-ruling. Most importantly, they’ve been on my table a lot lately. Now I’m reviewing all three of them at the same time.

Cthulhu Crafts
On BoardGameGeek, each game in the database has a files section where thrifty users upload anything from rules summaries and player aids to fan-made scenarios and solitaire variants. I found some great accessories for Arkham Horror: The Card Game and Mansions of Madness, and spent a cold winter evening indoors with my two cats and a pair of scissors.

Preparing for Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Does Arkham Horror: The Card Game seem a little intimidating? Don’t know how to get started? That’s how I felt, so I asked my friend Raz for advice.

Bad Luck and a Good Laugh – JW on How to Play Elder Sign
Years ago, before I was a full-fledged solitaire gamer, I bought a few soloable games to play when my partner was away. I got Race for the Galaxy (still a favorite), Space Hulk: Death Angel (still a favorite) and Elder Sign (which quickly fell out of favor). Now it’s time to give the game a second chance, guided by a seasoned player.