(Solo) Gaming Resources

The 1 Player Guild on BoardGameGeek is the place to start your search for solo games.

2019 People’s Choice Top 200 Solo Games. 554 people voted this year producing a list of 1042 unique games. These are the 200 most popular ones.

Beyond Solitaire is Liz Davidson’s great solo gaming website. There’s a blog, reviews and interviews with game designers. The reviews are succinct and very informative. As of 2019 Liz has started covering solo games for The Dice Tower.

BoardGameGeek is a resource for any kind of board or card gaming, solitaire or not. The site can be a bit daunting at first, but after a while you’ll find that you can’t do without it. If you’ve found your way here you already know about BGG, though 🙂

Box of Delights is the moniker of Richard Wilkins, designer of the exceptional cyberpunk game Renegade. Wilkins has made lots of solitaire gaming videos. I recommend having a look at his two-part Top 10 Solo Board Games. He’s also written an interesting essay on solitaire gaming.

Le Comboteur Fou is a great source for solitaire gaming in French and English written by 1 Player Guild fixture Razoupaf.

Drive Thru Reviews has made this top 10 solo games video.

Zee Garcia of The Dice Tower has made a video where he talks about his top ten solo games.

Rahdo, prolific board game youtuber and enthusiastic reviewer, has made a two part video where he and Nick of Board Game Brawl discuss their favorite solitaire games. Here’s a link to Part 1.

The Ranking Engine is a brilliant tool for those of us who don’t understand the ease with which many gamers seem to be able to come up with top lists. Definitely worth a try!

https://recommend.games/#/ is a game recommendation engine with decent filtering options (you can set number of players to one, for example). If you have an account on BoardGameGeek and have rated some of your favorite games the recommendation engine is particularly useful.

Singlehandedly is a good solo gaming blog.

Solitaire Times helps the solo gamer keep track of relevant Kickstarter launches, retail releases and related news. The site also features musings on solo games, recommendations and reflections on current topics. The site is run by solitaire table-top aficionados Athena and JW and I highly recommend it.

Try These Games is another game recommendation site where you type in a game you like and get recommendations based on that.

win-win is an online application that matches your BGG wishlist to games for sale on BGG and outputs it as a list with links. Useful!